CONSUMER LOAN REFINANCE Refinance your loan on favorable terms
B1NK will make your loan easy!

Refinancing an existing loan received for consumer purposes in another second-tier Bank.
The possibility to obtain an additional amount of funding.
The possibility to obtain a revolving credit line.



unsecured – up to 48 months;
secured - up to 84 months;

Amount :
unsecured – up to 5 000 000 KZT
secured – up to 85% of the market value.

Interest rates:
unsecured – from 23% p.a. (Annual effective rate of return* from 38,8%)
secured - from 17% p.a. (Annual effective rate of return* from 23,0%)

Loan application review fee:
0 KZT.

Arrangement fee:
from 0% to 5% of the loan amount.

Early full/partial repayment:
any time with no penalty

Application document:

Borrower requirements:
- RK resident;
- регистрация и/или проживание и/или место работы: г. Нур-Султан, г. Алматы;
- from 21 years before reaching retirement age at the end of the loan period, according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;;

- work experience:
- at the last place of work - at least 4 months;
- overall experience - at least 6 months.


*annual effective rate of return

  • In mobile App and Internet banking B1NK
  • On the Internet P2P money transfer
  • In B1NK/Capital Bank Kazakhstan ATMs
  • In any Capital Bank Kazakhstan outlet (desktop)
  • In QIWI payment terminals
  • In any KazPost outlet